Growing Your Real Estate Database? You Need Accountability.

Accountability. As a Real Estate Agent, it’s normal to have accountability from your brokerage or team leader when it comes to the bottom line. But what about all the actions that go into truly building your business? Many agents work independently, and it’s really up to them to map out their business. Unless you’re wildly driven, and it can be tough to be the only one holding yourself accountable.

Meet Dania.

This isn’t the first time it’s come up that Real Estate Agents appreciate the accountability they get with Parkbench. In this video clip, we chat with Dania Parker-Smith, Local Leader in South London Wortley. Dania took advantage of a couple of different programs this year with Parkbench. First, she hopped into the 6 week case study being run by our CEO Grant Findlay-Shirras. She then had the chance to work with me, Parkbench’s Community Manager, to further increase her success with us.

Dania interviews Nadia McCormack-McIntyre, General Manager of Residence Inn by Marriot Downtown London. Click the image to watch the interview.

Dania recently switched careers, and was new to the Real Estate Industry. She knew she needed to focus on the best next steps to grow her business. She realized early on that she loves to learn, to watch videos and read blogs to soak up all the information. Sometimes people who are lovers of learning get caught in a cycle that actually prevents them from taking action. In this chapter of Dania’s career, action needed to happen.

She unpacks the value of the accountability of a coach. Having someone each week to ensure she’s ticked off her goals changes the game. But on top of that, the belief in this platform and system for building her business was growing. She is realizing that connecting with her community and giving back is working. This has helped to grow her own internal accountability to herself as belief really sinks in.

Dania interviews Hoag Qadhi, Partner Owner of Old South Pub in South London Wortley. Click the image above to check out the interview.
Who are you accountable to?

However, it’s more than that. Sure, she’s accountable to herself, to Parkbench and the coaching team. More importantly, she’s accountable to her community. People are watching, they want to know what she’s doing. They expect to see these features, as she’s introducing this as a pillar in her business. 

She’s also accountable to the referral network that she’s built. Dania has interviewed 19 different businesses and professionals in the first quarter of this year. She’s promised this network of people that she’ll continue to give back to South London Wortley. That she is a true local leader who is passionate about lifting others up around her. The social proof that this is building is huge… and so is Dania’s growing database.

Dania interviews Rebecca Hamilton, Founder of Chick Boss Cake in South London Wortley. Click the image to check out the interview.

We have programs and teams in place here at Parkbench to help anyone be successful. When Real Estate Agents like Dania truly connect with why they’re doing this, the community can feel it.

Do you truly care about supporting small businesses in your area?

Do you need more referrals? Can you see how connecting in this way will not only grow your database, but a true referral network in your community? Click here to find out how to get started and let us hold you accountable to a HUGE 2021.