Are You Getting Left Behind as Tech-Savvy Agents Take Over?

When Local Leader Margeau G. got started with Parkbench, she was SO excited. She had a list of business to reach out to, and knew this was the right fit for her to completely accelerate her Real Estate Business. She was wildly excited during her onboarding session, and she booked a few interviews right away. Suddenly, computer troubles got in the way, and that completely threw a wrench in her plans.

Once those initial issues had been fixed and she got to the first interview, she was excited again but hit another roadblock. She realized she felt in over her head with the tech side of things, as that hasn’t been her strong suit. She did her first interview and was so excited to post it, but needed to do some edits and didn’t know where to start. She reached out to our team in a bit of a panic looking for solutions.

She connected with one of our coaches, Jordan. He booked a one-on-one video editing coaching session with her to not only help edit this video, but teach her how to do this moving forward. I’ll let her words speak to that experience.

She was so appreciative of the time we took to help her learn this new skill so she could overcome this barrier and truly connect with her community. She was tired of letting her lack of computer knowledge stand in the way of her online presence. The coaching provided when you get started with Parkbench, as you’ll see in all of our five-star reviews, is all about going above and beyond to help our clients be successful.

“Working with Margeau was an absolute pleasure and was a lot of fun!” Jordan explained, “we connected when she was facing challenges with editing her first interview video and felt overwhelmed with the process. I assured her it was all part of learning a new skill and I could definitely walk her through this! We scheduled a few one-on-one coaching calls and really unpacked how to edit her video and streamline the process for her next interview. Loved working with Margeau, and she’s going to crush it with Parkbench!”

Are you letting your lack of comfort with technology stop you from dominating your area? We work with clients from all different walks of life, from the most tech-savvy to those who don’t even have Facebook. If you’re not active online you’re limiting your success. Do you want to be left in the dust as young, new Agents take over your area? Click here to get started and completely revamp your Real Estate career!

P.s. Still stressed about learning to edit? Ask us how you can get video editing included as a service in your subscription and leave it to us!