Be Community-Minded… But Do It With Intention.

It’s not enough to simply say you’re a community-minded REALTOR®. Agents can’t just go out and tell people how connected they are to the community. Your actions need to back up your words, and Parkbench can help.

Our most successful Local Leaders do truly care about their communities. Some of them are new to the area and actively building a new sphere. Some have been in the area for decades and are looking for ways to take their connections to the next level. Michael Milano and Nick McNaboe in Marin County, California realized the value of Parkbench right away.

Mike and Nick, Real Estate Agents with Team MNM Bay Area, have always been connected to their community. Growing up together as childhood friends in the area, they have a strong foundation. They realized that community connection was a pillar in their business. BUT they weren’t being intentional about that plan and needed a solution.

This quote is from our recent bestseller book, Becoming a Local Leader, where they share how things have changed.

Let’s hear from them.

We have always been community-minded but now we do it with intention. Our Parkbench website has become a hub of information, events, business offerings, and of course our listings. The collaborative platform of our Parkbench website is in direct alignment with our core values, in particular, community first.

Mike and Nick are choosing to connect with their community by interviewing local businesses. They’re feeling connected to their work AND gaining leads from the process. If you’re looking for an intentional way to improve your connection to your community, choose Parkbench. We can help you build a hub for your community to stay up to date on what’s happening in your area. This system will allow you to be intentional about giving back to your community. 

As they’ve mentioned before, Mike and Nick have said that Parkbench is worth every penny. To truly call yourself Local Leaders, you need to give back to those around you.  If this sounds like the solution you’re looking for, click here to find out more. 

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