The Value of Breaking Free from the Transactional Mindset

Many Real Estate Agents say they care about giving back. It’s easy to tell people that you’re community-focused. It’s easy to say that you are an agent that truly cares about supporting your community. BUT do your actions reflect your claims?

Craig and Victoria Brashears have been with Parkbench for years. In a recent interview, they shared that they have tripled their Real Estate business since joining Parkbench. Tripled! Why are they so successful?

It’s because their hearts are truly in it. They’ve been giving back to their community by interviewing and featuring local businesses. They are truly practising what they preach. They recently said this quote that speaks volumes to who they are in business.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about how important heart is to your success.

If you care about growing your sphere of influence, you have to care about those around you. Many agents will talk about how they want to meet more people authentically… but do they mean it? Your community will know if you’re viewing them as a lead first instead of a human. Caring about others is something that’s impossible to fake. If you approach your community from a point of contribution like Craig and Victoria mention here, you’ll leave a lasting impression.

If the people in your community trust you, they will come to you in the future for Real Estate Advice. They will feel safe referring friends and family to you because they have a real relationship with you.

If you have a true entrepreneurial heart, Parkbench is the perfect fit for your Real Estate business.

We can help you connect with your why, and use your passion for others to grow your business. Give back to your community and your community will give back to you. Click here to find out more today.