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Why Brian Buffini’s First Coaching Client is Aligned with Parkbench

When Jeanie Vance got started with Parkbench, it was a bit of a slow beginning. We had to overcome her fear of technology and ensure her mind was in the right place. When she first learned about the platform, it made sense to her. She built her entire Real Estate business on relationships and referrals, and that started with Brian Buffini.

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Jeanie’s Story

In 1994, Jeanie was in a really bad car accident. Months later she still wasn’t walking and was in Seattle visiting family. As a lifetime learner, she signed up to go to a seminar. It ended up being Brian Buffini’s first trip, he just started his coaching business. Jeanie is proud to be Brian Buffini’s first coaching client. Worked with him for 13 years. She doubled, tripled, quadrupled her income. The accountability and coaching piece was integral to her success, and it made sense to continue on relationships and referrals.

She’s realized that her previous coaching aligned perfectly with the Parkbench platform. She got involved with the Case Study we ran earlier this year and took full advantage. Jeanie talks about how she knew she was in the right place because the learning wasn’t all about Real Estate. The focus is on mindset. Sure, it’s important to be knowledgeable about Real Estate. It’s important to provide amazing customer service. But, how can we position ourselves to make the most of our time and energy to grow our business? Parkbench just makes sense. 

Does this make sense to you, for your Real Estate business?

Do you also follow Brian Buffini’s coaching? If so, you’ll find we’re the right fit for you. Parkbench is the number one way to connect with your community and increase how many referrals you’re getting from your network. Our coaching and support will help with accountability and motivation. We only work with ONE Real Estate Agent per area. What are you waiting for? Click here to learn more.