How Can Parkbench Help Pull Leads From Your Current Sphere?

How many referrals did you get from friends and family members over the past year? How about from acquaintances and connections on your social media? Yes, growing your sphere of influence is important. But have you tapped into the value of your current sphere?

We’ve all heard stories about agents connecting with a family friend or neighbour, only to hear they JUST recently bought or sold a home. They had forgotten you were an agent. OR you just weren’t top of mind. As you’ll guess, It isn’t a great feeling. it can be prevented with a solid follow-up and social media strategy. Luckily, this is something Parkbench can help with.

Local Leader Michael Gauthier in Calgary, AB recently shared this success story in our clients-only Facebook Group. 

Let’s hear from him.

“Hey Local Leaders, I’m new to the Parkbench community and was compelled to tell a success story with you. Last week, I posted my most recent interview with a local children’s footwear shop. I received lots of engagement from my own social network (young families) about how excited they were to check it out. From a couple of conversations, I was able to reengage with an old friend and now have a new real estate prospect. As a newer agent, I found it a great way to start a conversation with my own network and keep what I do front of mind for them.”

As a father of young children himself, it was easy to build a relationship with the owner of the business. What Michael didn’t realize was how easy it would be. He’s been able to start conversations surrounding real estate with those engaging with his interviews. A lot of agents feel stumped on ways to keep top of mind with their friends and family. Sharing your interviews and community features is a great way to remind them you’re an agent. In addition, to show what you’re doing to give back to the community. 

This allows you to truly differentiate yourself from the competition. Those in your sphere of influence likely know more than one agent, it’s up to you to ensure you’re their go-to! Showing what you’re doing to connect with your community is a straightforward way to set yourself apart and open up a dialogue. 

If you need a way to tap into your current sphere OR grow your database, choose Parkbench.

We’ll help you organically grow your business and truly enjoy the process. Click here to book a call with our team to find out more.