Can Parkbench Help You Get Repeat Business?

We’ve talked about how Parkbench can help you build new relationships in your community. In addition, it can nurture the relationships of the professionals you already know and work with. But what about repeat business? Can Parkbench help you get more business from previous Real Estate Clients?

Local Leader Blaine R. had the same question. When he got started with Parkbench, he was trying to really understand all of the different ways he could leverage this system. He noticed a gap in his business where he wasn’t getting as much repeat business as he used to. The same strategies he was using weren’t giving him a positive result. There are only so many market reports you can send out before someone unsubscribes… right? 

With interviewing local people in your community with Parkbench, it’s not just about brick and mortar businesses. It’s not even just about businesses! We have templates to interview organizations, fire and police, politicians, and even couples and families. Interviewing ‘ordinary’ members of your community gives a voice to those who can really speak to why the neighbourhood is so great. Blaine reached out to each one of his previous clients asking if they had a business he could feature on the site. If not, he asked if they knew a business to feature. As a final resort, he asked if they wanted to be interviewed about their experience in the area.

He had plenty of positive responses and got to work.

One of his past clients had started a preserves business out of her kitchen and was thrilled to be featured. She had just gotten started and could use the marketing push. When they originally worked together, it was a fairly quick transaction. The offer was accepted quickly and they didn’t really get a chance to build much of a relationship. The interview process allowed them to spend some more time together. To really get to know each other to solidify this relationship. Near the end of the interview, as he was asking about the goals she had for her jam business. She mentioned her kitchen was getting a bit small for this. As a result, she was interested in checking out new properties. Could he help?

They started checking out properties that week, and she was so glad they had reconnected. 

Are you getting enough repeat business?

Are you looking for new ways to reconnect? Parkbench makes it easy to follow up with your database with valuable and caring content. If you’re trying to pull leads out of your database and need help, click here to find out how.