How Does Our Coaching and Support Help REALTORS®?

It takes only a quick Google search of Parkbench to find loads of five-star reviews from our clients. There is one consistent comment you’ll notice as you read through (174 reviews with a 4.6 overall rating). The common thread? How amazing and helpful our coaching and support team is. Here’s a recent review from Local Leader Shane Kazimier in South Westminster, Colorado.

“Parkbench has been a great platform thus far and really makes getting an interview for business owners or workers alike easy. It gives me a great place to post interviews and keep my community informed with events and interviews to support local Colorado businesses. Amer has been a huge help with constantly reaching out to me asking how my success is and if there is anything else I need. Very responsive team throughout! “

Thanks for the kind words, Shane!

Amer is mentioned in this review, and is our Client Success Coach who onboards all of our new clients. As your first point of contact with our Success Team, Amer helps Parkbench clients start off on the right track with the Local Leader System through group onboarding calls  and one-on-one follow up. With a professional background in first-class customer service and a community focused approach to business, Amer helps our clients learn the system in a fun, efficient way. 

As you heard from Shane, if you follow our system we’ll make it easy to connect with local professionals. We give you the coaching and tools to build authentic relationships in your area. You also have an amazing website that your community can use to stay up to date and connected. 

Is it time for a change in your Real Estate business?

Are you in need of support and coaching to take your business to the next level? Parkbench and our incredible coaching and support team are the solution you’ve been looking for. Click here to find out more.