How This Commercial Real Estate Agent got a Client on his Third Interview

How long does it take for someone to get Real Estate business from a Parkbench relationship? We talk a lot here about the difference between chasing a transaction and building a business. There are two different ways you can view the professionals you’re connecting with in your community. 

You can view them as transactional relationships, expecting every interviewee to give you business because you’ve given them something for free.

OR you can view them as real, authentic connections in your community that you truly want to help succeed and thrive.

Prospective or new Parkbench Local Leaders often ask how quickly they can expect to get a return on their investment. It isn’t an exact science. Sure, there are averages we can look at, but if you approach this with the right mindset, success is on the way. When you get started with Parkbench with the right intention, amazing things can happen. 

Sherman’s Story

In this story, we had a Local Leader in Stoney Creek, Ontario who wanted to interview a local tattoo shop. He thought this would be an interesting feature as it was a popular spot. Stopping by and chatting with the owner, he explained a bit more about what he’s doing. He explained that he wanted to interview and feature this shop on his community website. Encouraging the community to take advantage of their service was the goal. He wanted to give this business owner a chance to share his story. What made this shop special?

Mid-conversation, the owner asked this Local Leader, “Do you happen to do commercial Real Estate?”

Turns out he did, in fact, do both residential and commercial real estate. The owner had a plan for 2021 to open a fifth location, and needed a commercial Real Estate agent to help him find a new space. 

They just met, and had been speaking for less than 15 minutes and this came up. They hadn’t even done the interview yet! It was clear to this business owner that this was the right kind of community-minded agent who would be the perfect fit to work with. It’s so important to have a real connection with the agent you’re choosing to work with. Feeling like they have the right mentality to help you find the right fit is integral. 

They booked the interview for the next week, and he got started right away searching for a property for their new location. This is just another story about how easy it is to build real relationships with the Parkbench interview system, and just how quickly leads can come in when your heart is in the right place. 

Check out the interview by clicking the image below, and if you want to find out more about how to become the Local Leader in your area, click here.