How David Ray Is Earning Business From Multiple Avenues with Parkbench

Real Estate Agent David Ray with eXp Realty hit the ground running with Parkbench. As the Local Leader for Williamsville, NY, the idea of the platform clicked for him early and it was very aligned with how he wanted to grow his business. This video clip from him about 2 months in shows what can happen when you focus on giving to others.

Check out this video below.

In an earlier blog, David talks about an analytical approach. As a busy agent who also had kids at home, he needed to be smart and efficient with his time. He sat down with our team, looked at things like his turnover rate and close-ratio, and came up with the average amount of people he would need to build relationships with before he got his first lead. 

He interviewed a local solopreneur, a woman who runs a theatre and dance studio for kids. They had such a great conversation, and the connection was there immediately. As they were chatting after the interview and David mentioned Real Estate, she shared that she was getting married in July. Her and her fiance both needed to sell their home and buy a new one. Guess who they want to help them? The Real Estate Agent that helped promote their business.

David shares a second win from just sharing his small business interviews in local Facebook groups. Someone in the group reached out to him after seeing a few posts. She wasn’t interested in being interviewed, but instead was looking at investment properties and wanted to work with someone who was connected to the community. They went to look at properties later that week.

This is just another example of what can happen when you focus on contributing to others. Give to your community, and your community will give back. David is a new and busy agent, and Parkbench is giving him the tools to be successful.

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