Equipment You Need to Become A Local Leader

Today’s Training Session is going to be more cut and dry because we’re talking about the equipment you need to become a Local Leader & Go-to Local Realtor.

And I’m going to break down for you LOTS of options based on:

  • Budget
  • Technical Expertise

And for most of you, you already have all this equipment; however, if you don’t, then you need to get it right away!

High level, this is what you need:

  • A Video Camera
  • A Tripod
  • A Microphone
  • A Recorder (for the audio)
  • Lighting
  • A program to edit videos with
  • A notepad & Pen

Now, don’t think that you need to buy stuff – you likely have everything you need.

Check this out. You probably have

  • Your Smartphone = A Video Camera
  • A Tripod
  • Your Smartphone = A Microphone
  • Your Smartphone = A Recorder (for the audio)
  • The Sun = Lighting
  • YouTube, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker = A program to edit videos with

You MAY have to buy a tripod if you don’t have one. I’ll include links below as I go more in-depth on this piece of equipment.

BUT, big picture, you CAN get away with the equipment above, which means little to no investment of capital.

However, long term, you want to commit to being a local leader, which means creating content about your geographic farm area, and all the listings you get in it, so your goal SHOULD be to have really good equipment so you can be efficient and effective.

Now let me break down each of the pieces of equipment and some different options for you based on budget and technical expertise.

Video Camera Considerations

  • How many cameras do I need?
    • 1 to start
    • 1 forever, for most people
    • 3 is ideal so that you have 3 views: 1 on you, 1 on the interviewee, and 1 on both of you.
  • What brand should I use? Sony, Nikon, or Canon
    • From my personal experience AND research
      • Canon is easy to use
      • Sony is best for video
      • Nikon is best for photography
  • How long can it film for before it shuts off?
    • Check this or ASK someone because if you buy the wrong camera and you want to do a 20-minute interview and it turns off midway, this is a real PITA
    • Some cameras only last 10 minutes
    • Some DSLRs will shoot for 20 to 30 minutes before shutting off.
    • You can change the settings of the camera, and reduce the quality of the video footage, to increase the time it can film without shutting off…but this is not ideal.
    • There are some cameras that can last 1-2+ hours without turning off, like the Sony a6400.
  • Accessories that you might also need
    • Batteries…Bring Spare Batteries because the worst thing is having your camera shut off while filming (it’s happened to me).
    • Memory Cards…when you stack 4-6-8 interviews in one day, you might run out of memory card space (like I did), and that’s also a PITA, so have 2-3 memory cards for each camera that you have!
    • Protective Holding Case
    • Chargers

Video Camera Recommendations

  • Low Tech, Low Budget – Your Smartphone
    • Most shoot in 4k now
  • In the middle – Sony a6400
    • Shoots in 4k for 1 hour or more without stopping
    • Has a flip screen for easy vlogging
    • This is my personal favorite
  • High Tech, High Budget – Sony a7iii
    • The ultimate videographers camera

Tripod Considerations

  • It is sturdy and durable (you truly get what you pay for. I have learned the hard way)
  • It has the correct attachments to screw on your camera…iphones and tables need special attachments on tripods.

Tripod Options…hard to go wrong here. Just visit your local electronics or video camera store, or go to amazon and look at their best sellers list.

Microphone Considerations

  • While you CAN get by with the microphone in your smartphone and/or video camera, if I had to recommend ONE thing to buy it would be a microphone.
  • Audio quality is SO important for keeping people engaged while they watch the interview.
  • There’s different microphones for your smartphone vs video camera vs an audio recorder.
  • Corded (cheaper) vs Wireless (better look and experience)
  • Lavalier (Lav) Lapel Mic vs Shotgun
  • You get what you pay for.
  • Check out Amazon Best Seller List

Smartphone Microphone Options

Video Camera / DSLR Microphone Options

Recorders for Audio

  • If your microphones are plugged directly into your camera or smartphone, then you don’t need a recorder. The sound of the video will just be enhanced.
  • If you’re simply recording audio, your Smartphone can likely do it.
  • Good Value
  • Top of the line


Video Editing Program

  • MOST IMPORTANT: Shoot the video in ways to reduce your editing time (you’ll learn this on another blog and training session)
  • Bottom Line: Find a program that you like to use
  • Here are some options
    • YouTube now has a simple video editor!
    • iMovie comes free with Mac Computers
    • Windows Movie Maker is free on some PCs
    • Filmora is a popular Video Editing Program
    • Adobe Final Cut Pro is the advanced video editing program

A notepad and pen

  • Even if you’re doing video, bring your questions, bring a notepad, and take notes when you interview. You will remember more, ask better questions, and have a better interview when you do this.
  • If you are NOT doing video interviews, that’s OK, then you need this to take notes so that you can create a BLOG after!

Other resources