“I hesitated out of fear, and overcoming the fear has been satisfying!”

Fear stands in our way in so many areas of our lives. It’s normal to hesitate when trying new things, especially in business. There’s more risk involved when you’re investing in something like a new marketing strategy. Here at Parkbench, we understand that Real Estate Agents may feel nervous trying something new. That’s why we have a Money-Back Guarantee… we know our system works!

We recently got this great comment from Local Leader Ashley Rhodes in Columbus, South Carolina.

Let’s hear from her.

“I wanted to update you on my experience with Parkbench. It has been nothing short of AMAZING, everything that I thought it would be. I am glad to have been given this opportunity to partner with you all. I hesitated out of fear, and overcoming the fear has been satisfying! The businesses love it! I have not had one person say no, and it has been so rewarding to meet with local businesses. Friday while I was in one business the local mayor was there! Thank you for giving me access to this platform!”

It’s normal to hesitate out of fear. But as Ashley shared, overcoming this fear is extremely satisfying. Actively working to get out of your own way is a massive step to levelling up your business. 

This isn’t the first time we’ve shared stories of Local Leaders overcoming their fears with Parkbench.

Local Leader Jeanie Vance realized early that she was getting stuck. That her fears around technology and being on camera were holding her back. Read more about her here

We hear about clients like Brenna who push past their fears and anxiety and just do it. Jumping in with both feet is gutsy, but rewarding. Read more about her win here.

Fear is normal, and a part of life. Choosing to let that fear and hesitation dictate your business decisions is why a lot of agents fail. If you truly want to take your Real Estate business to new heights, you need to do something different. Different may be uncomfortable, but as you heard from Ashley, it’s worth it!

Stop standing in your own way and choose to do something new. If this sounds like the solution you’re looking for, click here to book in a call and find out more.