How a Brand New Real Estate Agent Got a Lead from Interviewing His Father’s Business

When a new Local Leader gets started with Parkbench, we recommend they interview someone they know first. We suggest choosing a friend or family member, a local business they already frequent, or a professional that they already have a relationship with. This helps give them an easy option to get comfortable with the interview process. Occasionally, Local Leaders are nervous about being on camera and conducting interviews. This allows them a low-stress option to understand how fun and simple the process actually is.

Now, it often takes a few interviews before the leads start rolling in. BUT that doesn’t mean it can’t happen right out the gate! Hunter from North Carolina was pleasantly surprised after completing his first interview. He achieved a quick result he wasn’t expecting.

Hunter’s Story

Hunter was a brand new agent who had been in the industry for less than a year when he got started with Parkbench. As a quiet, introverted agent, this seemed like the perfect tool for him to get out of his comfort zone. He needed a way to connect with members of his community and grow his database. He decided to start with his father’s business, a functional health company, to get comfortable with being an interviewer.

The interview went well, Hunter felt more comfortable on camera and with conducting an interview. He was ready to start connecting with new contacts to grow his sphere. As he was packing up from the interview and chatting with some other staff members about his community website, another employee mentioned how much she loved the website. Why was he doing this?

This is a common question that can come up in the interview process, “why are you interviewing local businesses?” and “what’s in it for you?”. Hunter followed the scripting that we offer in our coaching. He explained that he was a local Real Estate Agent, looking to become a local expert. The site was intended to keep his clients and customers along with the local community informed of what’s happening in the area. He explained that what he gets out of this interview is a new relationship and a cool piece of content for his neighborhood website. AND what the business owners get out of this is a positive article or video featuring them and their business, reminding the community to support them and shop local.

She had no idea that Hunter was a Real Estate Agent.

It hadn’t come up in conversation with his father and she hadn’t worked there for very long. She had been on the hunt for an agent for a few weeks for her daughter to purchase her first home and had been having some trouble connecting with someone who felt like the right fit. Suddenly in front of her was a friendly and approachable, community-minded Real Estate Agent. Hunter was happy to work with her, and she connected her daughter with him right away.

How many leads and referrals are hiding inside your existing database?

How many of your current contacts need to be reminded that you’re a Real Estate Agent? The Local Leader interview system is the perfect way to enrich your current relationships and stay top of mind, get in front of more referrals, and give back to your community while doing it. Win, win! Click here to find out how.