How a Teacher Shifted into Real Estate and Kickstarted a New Career with Parkbench

Being a brand new Real Estate Agent and trying to grow a database can definitely be daunting, but being a long-standing member of a community and switching fields into Real Estate can be even more complicated. How do you best communicate with your current sphere that you’re not only now working in Real Estate, but that they should use you as their go-to Local Expert?

Jean B. had been working in the education system for 20 years. A leader within her community she was seen as a well-connected, extremely well-educated individual. When she switched into Real Estate she didn’t think it would be too difficult to grow her business as she already had so many contacts. The hitch came in when she realized that yes, she knew a lot of people in her area, and they trusted her as a person… she hadn’t yet built trust that she was the best Real Estate Agent to use because she was so new in the industry.

Why should her community go to her?

She came to Parkbench to find a platform to be able to reconnect with members of her area and start to build an online presence for her new brand. Coming from education, she had such a strong passion for learning and focused much of her time learning everything she could about the local market so she could be an expert, and be as helpful and confident as possible.

She started interviewing and featuring local businesses that she had frequented for years, and in those conversations was able to really shine in her presentation about why she is the best choice as an agent. Not only was she coming across as confident and informed, but by offering value to this professional through free marketing on her site, she was able to prove that connecting with her community was still just as important as her career.

In between posting interviews on Parkbench, she took advantage of another feature and started posting Real Estate focused video blogs. She would send these blogs as follow up to her interviewees and share them online, which just continued to solidify that she was sharp as a tack when it came to understanding her market and being the perfect fit as an agent.

Within her first couple of months on the platform she was working with three previous contacts to buy or sell their homes. These were contacts she’d known in the past, and used Parkbench as a way to enrich those relationships and alter how she was viewed in their minds. She could have waited around until she had some more proof for her sphere, but she went out and put her time towards the right actions to take charge of her business.

Are you confident that everyone in your database would use you when they need an agent? Are there some relationships in there that you need to focus on enriching? Parkbench is the number one way to connect with your community and grow an authentic database, so what are you waiting for?

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