How Can I Connect With My Community Safely Amidst COVID-19?

This year has been a year of change, of adapting to new normals, and finding creative ways to stay connected with those around us. From drive-by birthday parties to Zoom family gatherings, we’ve all needed to adjust. So how do you, as a Real Estate Agent, connect with your community when everyone is nervous to be around individuals outside their bubble?

As an agent in 2020, you can either decide to stay home and wait it out, or you can find ways to overcome these obstacles and grow your business. You don’t need me to tell you that option one is a horrible idea (remember when we thought this was only going to last a few weeks?), but option two can look different for different people. Here at Parkbench, we understand that the number one way to grow your Real Estate Business is by connecting with professionals in your community and building real relationships.

So, how are our Local Leaders building real relationships while keeping everyone safe? Motivated to continue to grow their sphere and get in front of more leads and referrals, there are plenty of options!

Virtual interviews are an amazing option, and we offer coaching on exactly how to get set up in Zoom to record on your computer. I know we’ve all spent a lot of time in virtual meetings this year, but the benefit of that is we’ve all gotten a lot more used to getting to know someone across a screen. Once you’re comfortable with the system, virtual interviews can be an amazing way to build real relationships and truly connect with the person on the other side of your screen.

For those who feel they’re not tech savvy enough or really truly prefer to meet face to face, we’ve seen some incredible mask-on videos, as well as 6 feet apart interviews where you can still check out that local business and connect face to face, while ensuring everyone feels comfortable.

So, you can wait until this is all over (whenever that may be), or you can take action and grow your database in an authentic way. Small businesses, now more than ever, truly need Local Leaders to help be an advocate for them, to help their businesses not only survive, but thrive! Offering to feature and promote these local business when times are tough provides SO much value, and is an incredible foundation to build a solid relationship.

If you’re feeling lost on how to connect right now, reach out to us today to take action and take charge of your business to finish 2020 strong!