How Many Relationships Do You Need to Build to Get Your Next Client?

Real Estate, like many professions, can be a numbers game. Here at Parkbench, when we set goals with our Local Leaders, it’s important to ensure those goals are realistic and achievable. New clients often ask, “how long will it take for me to get in front of my next client?” There are a lot of variables that go into this answer, but it can be simplified by crunching the numbers.

When Local Leader David Ray got started with Parkbench, he took an analytical approach. As a busy agent who also had kids at home, he needed to be smart and efficient with his time. Getting started with Parkbench really clicked for him and how he wanted to run his business. He sat down with our team, looked at things like his turnover rate and close-ratio, and came up with the average amount of people he would need to build relationships with before he got his first lead. Check out this recent win he shared in our clients-only Facebook group.

“Hi All, I started with Parkbench a couple months ago and have been grinding out videos and interviews and the hard work is starting to payoff!! I landed my first client from an interview!💥 She is getting married this summer and will be selling her current home and needs to buy a new home with her Fiancée and guess who she wants to help her??? Trust the magic number Grant Findlay-Shirras and the Parkbench team talk about. My magic number was 26 and this was interview #24! Work the process and the results will come.”

Do you know what your magic number is?

Do you know how many people you need to be connecting with before you get your next client? Parkbench is the easiest way to connect with people in your community. Click here to find out more and learn the secret of the magic number today!