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How Much of Your Real Estate Business Comes from Referrals?

It takes time to grow a database. It takes even more time to grow a database filled with real relationships. Following that, strategies need to be in place to stay top of mind with your database to gain referrals. This is a big reason why people choose Parkbench to take their business to the next level.

How much of your Real Estate business actually comes from referrals? Pat Love, Local Leader in North Vancouver, has been with Parkbench for over 4 years. She joined with the main goal of intentionally growing her database. Her business has taken off, let’s hear from her.

I’m on track to have one of my best years ever, and I would say half of my business is related to Parkbench in some way. So many wonderful, even non-monetary things, have come from being a Local Leader with Parkbench, I’ve become this connector of people. I have grown a wonderful database, I have connections in the community that I could never have imagined having. I now regularly get referrals from sources I really didn’t expect to get them from.

There are so many ways that Parkbench can help you grow your business. Pat has gotten leads directly front her interviewees, from the reputation of her site, and even from her REALTOR® connections.  

If you consider yourself to be a community-minded agent, Parkbench just makes sense.

First, we help you meet new people in your community. Then, we teach you how to build a relationship from a point of contribution. We’ll show you how to have intentional prospecting conversations, and how to follow up and stay top of mind. 

Does this sound like the solution you’ve been looking for? If you want to become the most recommended agent in your community, click here to find out more.