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How Parkbench Helped Brand New REALTORS® Amidst COVID-19

Getting started in the Real Estate industry can be daunting enough on its own. Beginning a Real Estate career in the middle of a pandemic? Even more daunting. Did COVID-19 stop these community-focused agents from seeking success?

When Local Leader Dania Parker-Smith got started with Parkbench, she was just beginning this new chapter in her life. Without the tools to grow her business, Parkbench seemed like a great solution. She recently shared a video about how her business is growing. Let’s hear from her.

Back in the summer of 2020, when was a few weeks in and already knew the value of what she’d begun.

This was a review she left on Google at the time. 

“I am a very new agent, three months into my new career before COVID19 hit.  At the time, I was completely paralyzed and shut down.  I was at my lowest about how to move forward when Rashad from Parkbench reached out to me.  He began to describe the mission and vision of Parkbench and its ambassador sponsors.  I nearly cried.  It was like hearing me repeat my business plan but on a much larger scale with a larger reach than I could do on my own.  After three calls with Rashad and deep conversation with husband, I took the plunge and sponsored two areas in my city.

It has only been three weeks since my Parkbench world began, but I have received more training and support as a new agent than I have had in the five months from anywhere else.  Finally, I feel like I have a purpose and a plan.  My community is receptive and excited to engage.  Thank you Parkbench for giving me a presence in the community and a way to make a difference.  To allow me to live my true purpose of being of service to others.  Thank you to Jessie, Grant, and Matthew who have guided so much of my experience.  I am happy to be a part of this family.”

Thanks for being an amazing part of our community, Dania!

Are you feeling paralyzed, or as if you don’t have the right things going for your business? Parkbench is the easiest way to break into your community on a deeper level. Click here to find out how.