london realtor building reputation

How Parkbench Helps REALTORS® Build a Local Reputation

Many Real Estate Agents get started with Parkbench to grow their sphere. They’ve been established in the industry for a while and need to do something different. As we’ve seen, agents who truly care about connecting with others always have success. In addition, it’s also about building a name for yourself in the industry, a solid reputation.

In the beginning, people knowing your name is one thing. BUT how many people in your community know what you stand for? Sure, you can spend money on bus benches or billboards. In turn, this will help people know your name and your face. But why would they choose to work with you?

What makes you stand out?

What makes you memorable? Parkbench isn’t just about being loud about being a Real Estate Agent. It’s about being loud about what kind of agent you are. Not just that, but also what kind of person you are! Our Local Leaders aren’t just passionate about great customer service or being knowledgeable and professional. They are passionate about building a reputation as a true community leader. 

We recently got this five-star review from Local Leader Dion Edwards in London North, Ontario. 

I am so happy that I found ParkBench and Jessie [Parkbench Community Manager]! My database and centre of influence continue to grow AND I am becoming more known in the community. Thank you to the Parkbench team!

Dion is choosing to grow his business by building relationships in his community. His interviews show the connections he’s fostering. His community is starting to get to know who he is and what he stands for. 

What are you known for?

If you need help building a strong database filled with real relationships, we can help. Let us help you take charge of your business and do things differently. Click here to learn more.