How Parkbench Relationships are Different

Earlier in the week, we talked about how building relationships through Parkbench is different. By connecting with professionals in your community by coming from a point of contribution instead of an ask, it changes the dynamic of that relationship. Offering someone help and support will naturally urge them to want to offer you help in the future.

Our most successful Local Leaders have one big thing in common, any guesses as to what the secret sauce to success is?

They just really care about helping support those in their community.

Yes, it’s that simple. Our star Local Leaders are truly passionate about being of service to those around them. It’s all about beginning these interactions by contributing and offering value. In the interviews, our clients have conversations around what their interviewees’ goals and challenges are. Once you know this, you’re able to offer solutions. Not only are you offering them some free marketing but now you’re also solving some of their problems? Of course, you’re the Local Expert.

They need a painter to re-do their shop? You have a name for them.

Caterer required for an upcoming launch party? You’ve got a contact.

Circumstances change and they need a dog-walker? You interviewed one last week.

Being a connector of people will increase your value in the eyes of those you’re connecting with and you’ll get more referrals than ever. Outside of Real Estate referrals, it’s amazing to see some of the connections and solutions that come through Parkbench relationships. I’ve got a great feel-good story for you today about a Local Leader, Pat L.

I’ll let her tell her story.

“One of my interviewees referred me to this lovely inventor, Lori.  I met Lori at my local Starbucks for our interview, and we connected right away. As I started asking the questions, we got to the one where I ask if there is anything that she’s struggling with right now in your business, or anything she needs to hit any of her future goals.  She said yes, she needed to find someone who would like to work from home attaching her product to its display card.  It’s was super monotonous job so she couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to do it. 

I then had a lightbulb moment.  My youngest son with non-verbal autism had just graduated from high school and was in a sad state because no one really wanted to help him with employment.  All of us need a purpose and I was racking my brain trying to figure out how to help him.  I explained to Lori that my son would most likely be good at that, as he really liked to do repetitive things.  She was thrilled to hear that I could solve her problem and she could really help someone too.

I went home and asked him if he would like to try and the answer was yes.  He gets paid by the piece and has become a whiz at putting them together quickly.  My son really enjoys payday when he goes to Lori’s house to deliver the product, he gets paid and she usually has some cake for him too.  He is so proud that he has earned enough for a trip to Disneyland (when we can eventually go).

My connection with Lori is so much deeper than most superficial business relationships.  I just love the community I’ve built with the platform. I really like to share this story (there are plenty more!) in particular because it shows how much building a community network can bring much more than just an income.

It’s clear than Pat L. is a Local Leader that truly cares.

Why is Parkbench the only system she using for prospecting? It’s aligned with her values, she gets legitimate joy out of the process, and of course… many, many referrals from these relationships.

If you’re truly an agent who cares, reach out to us today to get started with Parkbench. Let us help you completely revamp your business! Click here to find out how.