how parkbench helps REALTORS®.

How The Parkbench Team Helps REALTORS®

REALTORS® join Parkbench primarily to grow their relationship and referral business. They are looking for a way to connect with their community and grow their sphere of influence. We’ve talked before about how Parkbench is so much more than just a website

The website we build for Local Leaders is just the beginning. The website makes it easy to connect with others. To build relationships from a point of contribution. BUT we also offer a massive amount of coaching and resources to help our clients succeed. From one-on-one calls to live group coaching and an on-call support team, we’ve got you covered.

These recent reviews on Google speak to what our clients truly value

The whole Parkbench crew have been extremely helpful and have provided great advice for getting my site up and going. Thanks!” – Michael Allgeier

“Lee has been super helpful. With his guidance, I was able to regain my momentum and begin making strides in accomplishing my Parkbench objectives. Thanks, Lee I am now in a better mind frame and position to achieve a positive outcome.” – Pedro Samuels

“I have had an excellent experience with Parkbench. I particularly appreciate the support and attention I have gotten from Amer, one of the Success Coaches there. He is extremely patient, supportive, and very thorough in guiding me through the process.” – Cara Conde

Helpful, patient, supportive, and thorough. These are the qualities that our Client Success Coaches offer our Local Leaders. When you’re taking charge of your business in a new direction, you need guidance. It’s not just about knowing what to do. Our team will teach you how to do effectively execute a plan to map out your best year yet.

What are you waiting for?

If you’re feeling a bit like you’re on your own with your business, our team can help. REALTORS®, our coaching and support system will help you take your business to the next level. Click here to find out more.