How Regan Sample, REALTOR® is Growing his Sphere with Parkbench

When Local Leader Regan Sample got started with Parkbench, he was already active in his community. Being a long term resident of Longmont, CO, he was looking for a way to grow his sphere that made sense. When COVID-19 hit, he was frustrated that he couldn’t keep connecting the way he was previously. He needed to switch gears. So, he got began his journey with Parkbench.

In this video, he explains why he’s loving being a Local Leader. He talks about how easy it is to connect with people using this avenue. Regan also mentions that this is giving him something different to talk about, with new ways to engage with local professionals. You can only ask someone pointed Real Estate questions so often, so having other means to stay connected and top of mind is extremely important.

Regan understands the value of giving back to those around him. He’s built some solid roots in his community, and Parkbench is helping those roots extend to new contacts. It’s natural for business owners to connect our Local Leaders with even more contacts after they’ve been interviewed. Once you’ve got the right intention and the right actions in place, your sphere will completely take off.

Are you the ‘REALTOR® in the know’? Being a true Local Leader who can offer advice and referrals for a variety of local professions further increases your value as an Agent. Being tapped into what’s happening in your community and being truly connected speaks volumes to how you run your business. If you pride yourself on being a community connector, this is a natural fit for you and your business.

So, what are you waiting for?

Parkbench is the number one way to connect with your community and grow your referral network. Click here to find out how.