How This Agent Got A Client From a Facebook Friend She Hadn’t Talked to in a Decade

Are you truly taking advantage of the database that’s right under your nose? Facebook has been around for about 16 years now. It’s normal to have a list of friends that include contacts from your past that may no longer be actively a part of your life. Effectively using both your Facebook personal page and your Facebook Business page are integral to capturing as many referrals as possible. 

Many agents don’t really know where to start when it comes to social media. With Parkbench, we give you the coaching and resources necessary to teach you what to be sharing. How to promote posts effectively and ways to engage with your social audience. Many agents end up in that ‘analysis paralysis’ phase. They do loads of research on what to post, but never actually take action. Posting almost anything is better than not posting at all. This keeps you top of mind with your friends list.

It’s amazing how simple the content can be to give you a result.

One interview we recommend posting when you get started as a Local Leader is a self-interview. This is video or written blog that explains who you are, what sets you apart as a Real Estate Agent, and why you’re so passionate about your community. This sets the stage for any visitors checking out your website or Facebook Business page. They can truly understand that you are an approachable, community-minded agent who is really just a human who has personal goals and interests as well. Maybe you even let yourself have fun sometimes, wow! How refreshing.

When Cheryl D posted her self-interview she had no idea this is the result that would come almost immediately.

She shared this comment in our Local Leader Online Community, “The power of the self-interview is now very real for me! I have shared my interview on all my social media platforms. I had an old acquaintance from my son’s middle school days reach out about buying and selling her home. We are setting up an appointment as I type this! By the way, my son is now 26!  It’s been a long time since middle school!”

How many people on your friends list don’t even know you’re a Real Estate Agent? Maybe they know you’re an agent. BUT they assume you’re just like all of the other cold, pushy, impersonal agents. Posting a self-interview is a wonderful way to ensure everyone who’s following you gets a chance to get to know the REAL you, because if you’re a Parkbench Local Leader… you’re probably pretty amazing. You may get lucky and just like Cheryl, get a lead from a contact that you haven’t talked to in a decade! 

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