How this Agent got a Lead from Being Recognized from Facebook

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard a story about a Parkbench Local Leader being recognized. A lot of clients notice something after a few months of interviewing local businesses. They love that they can walk through their area, smiling and waving, at all of their new connections in the community.

Sure, being recognized feels great. We all love it, it makes us feel like rockstars. Being recognized as someone who doesn’t just know everyone, but has taken the time to actually help and support small businesses in the community? Well… that’s the next level.

Interview and feature local businesses with Parkbench. This is an easy way to build new relationships. Give back and help small business owners thrive in your community. Next, Sharing these interviews on social media also helps. This get your name out there to an entirely new sphere of contacts. Naturally, that business owner will reshare the interview across their channels!

So what does this mean for you, as a Real Estate Agent?

What will this do for you? Just ask Jim C.

“I did an interview with a Lawn Care company last week and then was hosting a table at a local business. I was recognized from my video post on Facebook and now am working online listing her property!”

Jim got that lead because a community member had seen the video on Facebook. He hadn’t met her before, she didn’t even know the Lawn Care company personally, she simply happened to see the video on Facebook. This is such a great example of why it’s can be super impactful to be on video regularly and actively sharing that video content on social media. 

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