How This Commercial Real Estate Agent is Getting Leads with Parkbench.

Local Leader Morgan K. was looking to grow her database and knew that connecting with small businesses in her area made sense. She had an idea to do a Small Business Saturday, and connect with professionals locally. As a Commercial Real Estate Agent, it seemed like a no-brainer that building strong relationships with business owners near her would bring her in leads… but how would she get it off the ground?

Enter Parkbench. It’s amazing how many times we connect with a prospective Local Leader who is in the process of wanting to do something like this in their community but doesn’t have a plan or system in place to execute it. Parkbench has a plan, a multi-faceted system, and loads of coaching and resources to teach you exactly how to do it.

Having been on the platform for about 6 weeks now, Morgan learned everything she needed to do, and hit the ground running. Talking about her Real Estate business easily came up organically in conversation, when discussing future plans and vision for her interviewee’s businesses.

One interviewee asked her when they were meeting, “is this your passion… interviewing people? Is this what you do full-time?” Morgan explained that she was actually a Commercial Real Estate Agent, and the interviewee mentioned they would need her help soon, as they were looking to build a new location just outside the city.

Another interviewee for a local Cycle Bar ended up being a previous connection, someone she knew when she was working in another industry. As she explained her new career, and how it tied into this interview for her Parkbench site, the owner offered to connect her with the Real Estate Director for the company, who chooses which Real Estate Agents they work with in which area. Another wildly valuable connection from a simple offer of value.

Whether you’re a Commercial or Residential Real Estate Agent, Parkbench is the number one way to build authentic relationships, grow a valuable database, and get in front of more referrals. Reach out to us today to find out more, and take charge of your business so you can be a success story… just like Morgan.