How This New Real Estate Agent Got Two Leads From Six New Relationships with Parkbench

We often have prospective sponsors or new Local Leaders curious about expectations. How quickly they should expect their first lead or referral to come in? It really isn’t an exact science. Some clients get a lead from their first interview. Some from their fifth, some from their twentieth. 

Our coaching and resources offer everything our sponsors need to know to turn these interview meetings into relationships. Then, we turn and those relationships into referrals. BUT it’s up to the Sponsor to make sure they’re having the right conversations in these meetings. We offer scripting on how to bring up Real Estate organically during your meetings with local professionals. This ensures you’re truly building referral generating relationships. Next, we teach follow up strategies to nurture those relationships and stay top of mind. 

When Roxanne M. got started with Parkbench, she was a new Agent, less than a year into the industry.

Halfway into her first year, COVID-19 hit. She really needed to pivot and find a new way to get in front of clients and grow her sphere of influence. Parkbench was a natural fit, she was friendly and outgoing and truly cared about the community she lived and worked in. She took advantage of all of our Live Coaching and got started reaching out to professionals in her area. She didn’t expect how quickly she would be getting in front of leads.

Her third interview was with a local Wine Bar. The meeting went great, the interview itself was a great video that truly highlighted why this business was so amazing, and why the community should stop by and support them. As they were sitting around after the interview, chatting and drinking wine, turns out the owner was looking to expand and was in need of a Real Estate Agent to find a new commercial space. 

When’s the last time you got a lead while sitting around drinking wine? Pretty amazing.

The story doesn’t end there.

On Roxanne’s sixth interview, she interviewed a local Bar and Grill. She and the owner clicked right away. The interview went great and he was so appreciative of her featuring their restaurant. Eventually, they talked more about why she’s doing this. Roxanne explained that as a new Real Estate Agent she was trying to grow her network of professionals in her community. The owner was actually looking to move within the next few months and needed a Real Estate Agent. Thrilled, she started looking for properties to show him right away.

Six new contacts into her database gave her two new leads.

That’s a pretty incredible conversion rate! The difference between growing your database with Parkbench versus buying leads and buying contacts in your area is that these are real relationships. Real relationships that you built from genuine conversations coming from a point of contribution, to offer the chance to be highlighted and featured on a local website all about your area. These relationships are FAR more valuable than a lot of other names in your database, so are you doing the right things to get the right contacts into your network?

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