How This Real Estate Agent Beat out a Dozen Agents Because of Parkbench

It doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll wager a guess that there’s an oversaturation of Real Estate Agents in your area. How are you supposed to stand out when you’re competing against a dozen (or dozens!) of other Agents in your area? What sets you apart?

You guessed it, Parkbench.

Our Local Leaders are able to differentiate themselves within their communities because they’re local experts. They truly care about the neighbourhoods they live and work in. It isn’t enough to just say you care, if you read 20 different Real Estate Agent’s biographies it’ll say the same thing.

“I’ve lived in the area for 20 years, and truly care about giving back to my area.”

“I know everyone here, choose me as your Agent because I’m the familiar face around town!”

“I shop locally because my community is important to me.”

There’s one big problem with claims and biographies like this. What’s the issue?

Potential clients want proof. Real proof.

Just saying something is important to you isn’t enough. Every agent is going over and above to beat out the competition. You can choose to spend your marketing dollars plastering your faces and branding everywhere.

OR you can let your actions speak louder.

Local Leader Debbie D has been with Parkbench for a month and a half and has interviewed eight different businesses in her area. She was recently in competition for a listing and posted in our clients-only Local Leader Facebook Community.

I’ll let her speak for herself.

My Parkbench site helped me win this listing for a 40+ acre family hay farm perfect for development. PM if you have a client looking for investments. The owners have been in this area for multiple generations. They told me I’m the only one of more than a dozen agents competing for the listing that is actually supporting the community.”

That’s right. She was chosen as the Real Estate Agent for this listing because she is actually supporting the community, and has the proof to show it. Her local community website is really just getting up and running, and her reputation as a truly community-minded Local Leader is already growing.

Are you looking for ways to stand out in your market? Do you truly care about giving back to your community and want to reap the rewards of those connections? Click here to get started before your area has been claimed!