How This Real Estate Agent Created 5 New Relationships in a Day

We work with a lot of Real Estate Agents who are new, either new to their area or new to the industry completely. Parkbench gives you a way to authentically connect with new people, but how easy to challenging is it to meet local business owners and members of your area?

When Local Leader Hunter T. got started, he had only been in the industry for a couple of months. He was quiet, introverted, and young, and was a bit nervous about getting out there for the first time. With the coaching and accountability of the Parkbench Client Success team, he got out there and started building connections.

He interviewed a local aquarium, and really hit it off with the business owner. The interview was great, they did the video in front of a sting ray tank which looked really cool! After the interview as he was explaining more about why he was sponsoring the site, and that he was a new Real Estate Agents looking to build connections in the community, she loved the idea of him working hard to be so connected, and offering free promotion in the process.

She told him to come with her, literally took his hand and walked him outside the store and into 5 different businesses along this strip. In each business she explained who he was, the interview he had just done, and that he was a Local Real Estate Agent looking to grow his network. Five interviews were booked on the spot as everyone agreed that this was an amazing idea, and wanted to support eachother.

If you’re introverted and worried that people in your area don’t want to be interviewed, it’s just not true. Our team is here to help get you out of your comfort zone and get in front of more people. More interviews means more meetings, more meetings means more realtiosnhips, and more relationships will give you more referrals.

Reach out to us today to get started with Parkbench and completely transform your business. Your community will fully thank you for it, and so will your wallet!