How this Real Estate Agent Got a Client from her Third Interview

We work with a lot of Real Estate Agents who are either brand new to the industry, or brand new to their area. Parkbench is a fantastic way to build a brand new sphere of influence. Not just that, but to do it in an authentic way so it’s filled with real relationships, not just names and contact information. Often newer Agents have a bit more time on their hands. Their number one focus is growing their database and gaining clients. This allows them to really hit the ground running with Parkbench and get off to a strong start. 

In this case, Michelle W. was really excited with getting started.

She’d been in the industry for a few years but was getting started in a new area. Michelle was a bit nervous about all of this and wasn’t a tech-savvy person, she wasn’t even on Facebook! We decided it was best to start with a few blog-style interviews and we could work out way up to videos.

Her third interview was with a Local Mortgage Lender. She hadn’t yet partnered up with a lender locally, and it felt like a natural person to form a relationship with. Michelle had relationships with Lenders in the past but hadn’t actually received any referrals from them. She always found they had a large sphere of agents. BUT she didn’t really have an angle to differentiate why she was deserving of these leads.

Now she had Parkbench.

She reached out to a new Lender in the area that she found online, and they met a few days later for the interview. She spent an hour with her getting to know more about her and her business, and they got along so well. A few days later… Michelle got a call. Let’s hear it from her.

“The lender interview I did (Danelle) actually referred this buyer to me. Since she is a newer lender, and I’m a new Real Estate Agent…her and I have kind of paired up naturally. She sent me this one, and I have sent her a few in hopes we can get them going soon. Networking this way has been awesome! I also think pairing up with a LOCAL lender just makes the “community togetherness” feel even deeper.”

Think about all the professionals you work with as a Real Estate Agent. Lenders, Home Stagers, Insurance, Home Inspection… have referred someone to one of these professions and they haven’t returned the favor? What can you do to solidify that relationship? Providing value through the Parkbench Local Leader system is an incredible way to nurture those relationships. To prove that you are, above and beyond, the main person they should be referring to.

Does this sound like the solution you’re looking for?

Since the announcement about being selected for the 2020 REACH Canada Class, areas are being claimed faster than ever. This is the most effective way to get in front of more leads and referrals, so what are you waiting for? We only work with one Agent per area, so reach out to us today before your area has been taken!