How This Real Estate Agent Got a Referral Before They Even Logged Into Parkbench.

When you become a sponsor with Parkbench, the ways you can grow your business are endless. Most marketing systems focus on one specific goal, to bring in leads through one main avenue. Parkbench gives you the chance to grow an authentic database filled with genuine relationships with real people in your community. AND also allows you the opportunity to enrich your current relationships to get more referrals from your existing database. 

Hilary’s Story

What Hilary from New Jersey didn’t realize when signed up, was how fast she could see success. Joining Parkbench also meant she had access to the exclusive Local Leader Community. Our clients only network of like-minded real estate agents across North America has huge value.

We only allow one real estate agent per area. That exclusivity provides a safe space for agents to step away from viewing other agents as competition. Instead, this is an open and helpful peer system of Local Leaders. This allows everyone to share advice and best practices, offer support and feedback, and share client referrals in other areas. 

Hilary was on her Parkbench Group Onboarding Session with another agent Kathleen, who is based in New York. This was a particularly special session. We keep our Group Onboarding Sessions capacity low with no more than five agents per session. We find this allows our new Local Leaders to truly engage with the learning. Plus, they can ask plenty of questions.

In this particular session, there were just the three of them. Hilary from New Jersey, Kathleen from New York, and Cristina, our Onboarding Specialist. As the call wrapped up and Cristina’s presentation was coming to a close, she was reminding them to fully take advantage of the Local Leader Comunity, and lean on other agents as they were getting rolling with the platform. 

What made this call so special?

Before the call ended as they were finishing up with any questions, Kathleen asked for Hilary’s number. Turns out they were only about an hour apart from each other. Kathleen had a buyer looking in Hilary’s area. She had been looking for an agent to refer to, and there was no better choice than another like-minded, community focus Local Leader.

Needless to say, getting a lead from the Parkbench system before you’ve even finished your Onboarding Session speaks volumes to Parkbench’s potential. These two clients were thrilled about this immediate win. They realized this is just the beginning of a wild array of amazing connections they will continue to make. 

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