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How to Get Leads with Parkbench Right Away

When new Local Leaders get started with Parkbench, we encourage them to hit the ground running. We help set up a plan to ensure they find leads as efficiently as possible. It starts with a solid onboarding system. Then, they hop into live coaching to learn the basics. One-on-one check-in calls are available to answer any questions. 

Next, it’s all about the interviews. Building relationships with new members in your community. Offering to feature a local business owner’s story lays a solid foundation for a referral generating partnership. Naturally, the quicker you get out into your community, the quicker you’ll see results.

Real Estate leads and clients can come from multiple avenues with Parkbench.

A lot of our success stories surround the referrals coming directly from the interviewees. BUT, that’s not always the case.

In this case, we had a new Local Leader who was committed to the process, Reec H. He completed the coaching and did over a dozen interviews throughout this past month. Because of this, he added great new contacts to his database and truly built real connections. It’s no surprise he saw great results right away.

Reec’s most recent interview was with a local coffee shop.

The interview itself went smoothly. Following the interview, they had a great conversation and the business owner was happy to be featured. Afterwards, someone else who had been sitting in the coffee shop approached him. She overheard that he was in Real Estate. They ended up sitting down together and having an hour-long conversation about the market and opportunities.

Turns out, she was looking at buying a couple of investment properties, AND might even have a home to sell. As you can see, It was a natural fit for them to work together. He got to work right away looking for listings that would work for her and she was excited to take steps forward.

Do you know where your next client is coming from?

If you’re looking for a way to become the most recommended Real Estate Agent in your community, Parkbench can help. Click here to find out how