How to Get Word of Mouth Brand Exposure, on-demand!

Word of Mouth Brand Exposure is not something that you need to hope for or wait for anymore…when you execute the Local Leader Prospecting System, the bi-product is that people will promote your brand and refer you business.

To get word of mouth brand exposure, three things need to happen:

  1. The interview must be on your Parkbench site
  2. The interview must be promoted across all of your social platforms
  3. You need to educate the interviewee about the benefit of sharing the interview on their social channels

Seems straight forward enough right? There is one essential element in this process that should always be considered – TIME.

You want to ensure that you are posting and promoting each interview in a time-friendly way. So….

SET A GOAL – “I want to post my interview in X minutes.”

CONTEXT: A sponsor who is familiar with getting an interview on the site will take at most 15 minutes to upload the content. The reason? They are in a hurry to book more interviews and get back out in the community to meet people and serve society at large.


The process for posting interviews differs slightly for a written interview, compared to a video interview.

Wanting to post a written interview?

Wanting to post a video interview?

Live Demo of how to prepare an interview template in less than 15 minutes.

Pro Tips:

  • Fill out STEP 1 of the interview template BEFORE doing the interview. Why?
    • Proper preparation prevents poor performance
    • You will save time when posting the interview.
  • If you are wanting a business profile page created for the interviewee, you MUST use the “Business Owner Interview” or “Business Owner Interview (Light Version) form”.
    • These forms will AUTOMATICALLY create a profile for the business.
  • Use the interviewee’s website and/or social media profile to fill out the information in Step 1 of the interview template. 
  • After the interview, upload the video to YouTube while getting the interview template ready to post. Don’t do one after the other.

So, what happens after an interview is posted?

  • The interview is posted to ALL of your Parkbench sites
  • If using a Business Owner Interview Form:
    • A profile will be automatically set up for the business, using the required fields in the template.
    • A user account will be automatically created from the interviewee’s email, entered into the template.
    • The business profile and email will be connected, giving the business owner the functionality to edit their profile page and add in deals, coupons, sales and specials.
  • The email address used in the template will be sent a series of emails including:
    • Their login information
    • A link to the interview
    • Instructions for how to utilize their business profile page
    • Reminders for sharing the interview on social media
  • The email address used in the template is also automatically subscribed to your newsletter. The interviewee has the ability to opt-out whenever they choose.

Now, you’ve posted your first interview? AWESOME!

What’s next?

Once the interview is on your site, your next step is to share it onto your social platforms.

The process to share an interview on social media is VERY EASY 🙂

  • First, navigate to your interview.
  • On the left side of your interview, you will see a list of social media icons. These allow you to share content directly to these platforms if clicked on.
  • The “+” symbol, will open up the option to share to over 170 different social media sites which allow link-posts.
  • Once you have selected the platforms that you would like to share onto, you are redirected to a landing page, where you are given the option to write in a personalized call to action/message for the post.
  • Your message should suit the platform that you are posting to. 
    • E.g. Facebook – A platform designed for friends, family and followers of businesses. You should be more personal.
    • E.g. LinkedIn – A platform designed to connect professionals together. You should be more formal.

Promoting Interviews 2.0

You get it. You’ve posted things before and it’s pretty straight forward. But how do I increase the reach of what I am doing? How do I foster engagement to a higher level?

To maximize your brand impressions and your reach, you’ve got to look beyond your own profile as a place to post.

Other resources to use:

  • Your interviewee’s social media pages
  • Group pages
  • External websites

When sharing to say Facebook, you’ve got the option to share your content to not only your personal and professional page but across several other resources.

Sharing your content to community groups is a terrific way to put your content in front of a much larger audience. 

You could share your interview into the resident’s association group OR a group that is focused on a particular topic e.g. bar/restaurant meet up groups.

This will allow you to tap into a new resource, with hundreds or sometimes thousands of followers.

You can find these groups by simply searching on sites like LinkedIn or Facebook. These platforms want to gather audiences together so that they are able to collaborate and share ideas – this is perfect for what you are doing with your Parkbench site.

In addition to sharing your content on the group, you’ve also got the ability to respond to “recommendations” or requests for information by the group’s members. 

If someone is looking for information on a florist for a wedding or a good tattoo artist, use your interviews as a way to SERVICE your community.

“Hey, I know someone that is awesome! I actually sat down with them to get to know more about their business. Have a look at the interview here: *INSERT URL TO INTERVIEW*” 

This response, not only provides extra exposure for your interview. You will also be increasing the reputation of your interviewee by doing this AND affording them an opportunity to make more money by getting a new client. Meanwhile, it provides an opportunity for you to ask for more interviews.

Plus, you are demonstrating yourself as truly community-minded and a connector in the area. 

The local leader & go to local realtor.

TASK: Spend 30

 minutes, focusing on creating a list of other websites that you can share your interviews on. 

Here are a few websites to get you started:

  • Facebook Groups
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Reddit 
  • Nextdoor

Once you have this list – you can review which websites are most appropriate for you to post new and recycled content on. 

If you want to get more referrals you need to give more referrals.
Be MORE than a realtor. Become a Local Leader.
Get it done!