How to write an interview or blog effectively

In order to be seen online, you’ve got to post content. But what should you post?

The best types of content that rank highest on search engines are interviews and blogs.

However, the most effective type of content that appears highest on google includes written content

The reason?

Search engines like Google will index “keywords” to identify what the topic is about and associate this with searches for that particular topic.

So, what should you write about?

This is a great question! And can be answered by identifying, what do I want to be associated with?

Many agents will create content dedicated to Real Estate – makes sense right? You’re a realtor, you post real estate content.

We definitely encourage this! However, is that the only topic that you want to get brand impressions from?

Here is a shortlist of other topics that you want to be connected to, when community members are looking for content to engage with online:

  • Businesses
  • Your area and it’s history
  • Members of your awesome community
  • Local professionals

There are A LOT of things that people search for online. Their next date night spot, things to do on the weekend, what companies are worth working for. 

With your Parkbench site, you are exclusively advertised on every page of your site. SOOOO create content to capture a viewer’s attention about as many topics that you can think of!

One of the best ways to do this is through written blogs and interviews.

Blogs are content written by you about a specific topic. Opinion pieces, designed to inform and/or entertain the audience on the subject.

Interviews are content that is centred around information given from the interviewee. This could be made up of a business owner’s perspective about the area, their own business or profession and the best spots to visit in the neighbourhood.

How do you create a written interview or blog?

Let’s start with written interviews. Here are the key aspects:

  • Written interviews are done in person with the interviewee. 
  • Between 5 – 10 open questions with full sentences as the answers
  • Several images to bring out the vibrancy of the business and their offerings
  • Photo of yourself and the interviewee.

In addition to the benefit of increasing your site’s ranking online, written interviews also allow for those who are not wanting to be filmed, to create engaging content! It could be that you may not want to be on camera. It could be the business owner that doesn’t want to – a written interview allows for a great workaround!

Here is a standout example of a written interview

Important takeaways?

  • Headline includes the business name, the persons name, the area name and the position of the interviewee at the business.
  • Photos! Bring your content to life! Take several images at the business as well as one with the interviewee!
  • Short-mid length answers, easy to read and engage with. Longer content is great, HOWEVER, it is advisable to obtain this through a transcribing app like Otter.

Never write down everything word for word. It slows the interview down AND/OR the interviewee must repeat themselves. Note take, or use a transcribing app.

Looking for a simple plan to follow when creating a written interview and putting it on your site, follow these instructions.

For blogs, the process is very similar – the exception – you are creating the content!

Draw inspiration from your area, interests and profession!

  • Market reports
  • Opinion pieces about features of the area
  • Highlighting businesses that community members should check out
  • Featured listings that you are working with

Here are a few examples of blogs posted by a local leader:

Don’t feel that you need to recreate the wheel! Once you’ve written your content, link it out to other interviews and content that you have posted. This reduces the length of your blog from 1000s of words to between 600-900 AND you keep the attention of the viewer on your site.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!