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What if You’re an Introverted REALTOR®?

When Wendy got started with Parkbench, she was brand new to the industry. As an introverted person, the idea of interviewing local businesses was a little daunting. When she learned about Parkbench, it just made sense. She needed an excuse to start reaching out to people, especially with the pandemic. She was taking over the business from a partner who was retiring and this was an authentic way to grow her new sphere. We’ve helped introverts take charge of their business before, and were excited to help her be successful.

It took a bit of time for her to get rolling. Imagine all the things you’re learning at once. Learning how to be a great Real Estate Agent has a massive learning curve on its own. Loop in learning the tech side of things and getting comfortable with being on camera. So, she took advantage of the learning and coaching of our team and got to work.

Hear from Wendy by clicking the image below:

When Wendy starting interviewing regularly, the conversations around Real Estate just started to happen naturally. She found interviewees coming right out and saying, “wow, how do you want me to support you?” They can feel, through this interview process, that you truly care about their business. Wendy talks about the extra confidence that comes from those conversations, and the understanding that she’s made the right choice. This has completely solidified her decision.

Amidst COVID-19, it’s a safer and easier option to start connecting with your community. AND because you’re doing it from a  point of contribution, it’s a completely different conversation than a cold call. And who likes cold calling? No, thank you.

Does this also make sense for your Real Estate business?

As Wendy mentions, if you’re on the more introverted side without a lot of experience on camera, choose Parkbench. We’ll help build your confidence and get you out (safely) into your community. Click here to find out how.