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REALTORS®… Are You Truly a Community Leader?

Many agents get started with Parkbench because they’re trying to find a way to establish themselves. Working toward being the go-to Real Estate Agent in their area starts with differentiating themselves from other agents. Are you actively working to become a community leader in your area? When you start to really make some noise in your area with your local business interviews… people start to notice.

John Wood got started with Parkbench only a week after he became a Real Estate Agent. He hit the ground running with interviews and even managed to land a couple of clients during his first interview! In a recent conversation, he shared how Parkbench gave him access to even more opportunities.

Let’s hear from him.

“Parkbench is also a vessel to insert yourself into civic organizations. It’s one thing to be able to go to a business and say, “let’s do an interview and maybe you’ll get some customers out of it”. It’s another thing to say that I’m providing this service for all our local businesses, and now I’m taking on a leadership role.

This is something that just happened the other day. Another thing the business community does in Senoia, once a month they stay open late on a Friday, it’s called Senoia Live After Five. There’s been a bit of a drop-off, so they asked me, “would you consider taking on one of the two leadership chairs spots of Live After Five since you’re clearly interested in the local businesses?” I said absolutely!”

Being seen as a true Local Leader in your area will increase your credibility, and open you up to more opportunities and referrals. This happens even quicker if you’re intentional about giving back to your community and providing value. 

He also recently posted this win regarding the event in our Clients-Only Facebook Group.

“Another bit of encouragement for y’all today. My town does a once-a-month event where all of the merchants stay open late on a Friday night. I just got a call from the organizer who said they’ve turned down a couple of other Realtors who wanted to set up tables on the sidewalk. They voted not to approve them because they said that I am the only one who is actually invested in the businesses as well. These relationships really do pay off!”

Are you trying to find a way to break into community organizations in your area? 

Parkbench gives you all the tools and coaching you need to be successful. If you want success stories like John, click here to find out how.