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How Parkbench is Helping New Real Estate Agents Get Leads.

Some Parkbench Local Leaders sign up and jump in right away. They dig through the training within a few days, do their first interview, and it’s off to the races. Then we have clients who take some more time. They want to really unpack the learning, do some trial runs, build up some confidence. The third group of clients get stuck. Guess which group gets leads first?

Fear of being on camera is a big one. Often, if they are new to the industry there is also a bit of a lack of confidence. Being uncomfortable on camera is a big hurdle to jump over for a lot of clients, but integral to a successful career in Real Estate.

Then, we see clients like Brenna F.

Brenna is brand new to Real Estate. Her team leader sponsored Parkbench for their city, and she was charged to start connecting with local professionals. It only took her about a week to dig into the learning, push outside her comfort zone, and do interview one. She finished two interview within her first couple of weeks. The second one proved just how valuable this platform will be for her.

She recently posted this comment in our client-only Facebook group. “Hey everyone! I am a new community leader here in Murfreesboro, TN. This is my first year in real estate and my team leader connected me with Parkbench. I pushed past the awkwardness and anxiety and did my first two interviews last week. 

I am so thankful that I just jumped in and did it because I was able to get a solid lead with just the second interview I performed. He is a DJ who does so much more than just play music (as I learned in our interview) and is looking to build his own home. We talked for another 30 minutes after our interview about his goals, dreams, and what kind of home he’d like to build. He didn’t have a realtor to work with and he asked if we could work together. All I had to do was listen! I am so excited to have more conversations like this and will have more interviews in the next few weeks. It’s so worth it to push past your fears and just jump in.”

How many opportunities and leads have you missed out on due to fear? I’m not going to go full cliche and add in a graphic about “the magic happening outside your comfort zone”. BUT there is something here. We see clients who jump in full throttle see success sooner, which encourages them to keep momentum. More interviews mean more relationships. More relationships mean more referrals.


If you’re a Parkbench Local Leader who’s taking longer than you want to pump the gas, reach out to our team if you need some added accountability. Let’s get you doing more interviews, building more relationships, getting in front of leads. If you’re a Real Estate agent who needs to overcome your fears and get out into your community, click here to find out how

Thanks for being an amazing member of our community, Brenna!