How This Real Estate Team is Getting Leads with Parkbench

Let’s talk about success. Success with Parkbench is measured in many ways. We can look at leads, clients, and referrals. Then there are contacts and relationships added to your Real Estate database. A growing sphere of influence is of massive value. Then there’s differentiation, helping you stand out against the competition. How about quality of life? Ask any Parkbench Local Leader and you’ll hear it’s significantly more fun than cold calling and door knocking.

Meet Michael and Nick.

In this clip, we hear from Michael Milano and Nick McNaboe. They are Real Estate Agents in Marin County known as Team MNM Bay Area with Compass Realty. Nick is newer to the industry, Michael has been in Real Estate for a couple of decades. They knew Parkbench was the right fit for them as soon as they heard about what we did. Now that they’ve been on the platform for a while, hear them share what success looks like for them.

Nick talks about a recent experience interviewing a local art studio. In their business, they do Matterport videos and offered to create one for her studio. This was above and beyond what this artist expected and she was thrilled. Unsurprisingly, after they completed both that video and the interview, a referral arrived. Her neighbours were looking to move and she brought up Michael and Nick’s team. They didn’t have an agent and trusted her recommendation. They were expecting a call and knew they were in the right hands.

You can hear in this clip of our conversation how connected they both are to their community. They know this is the right thing to do, both for their business and for Marin County. Michael and Nick share the importance of telling the amazing stories behind these businesses in their area, AND how much fun they’re having. They’ve mentioned more than once that Parkbench has been worth every penny. Relationships and referrals have been their main avenue before, and Parkbench is the perfect compliment to that. 

Looking to increase your Real Estate referral business?

Does this resonate with you? Do you believe that lifting up your community will grow your business? Parkbench is the number one way to become the most recommended agent in your community. Click here to find out more.