How This Local Leader Got a Client From Her 4th Interview

The interesting thing about Parkbench is that it can help both with residential real estate and commercial. Working with business owners is a great way to expand your commercial network. One of our Local Leaders, Marisa Robinson, learned that this week.

When someone gets started with Parkbench, we teach them how to interview locals. We then share how to have effective prospecting conversations to convert these relationships into leads. Sometimes it happens over time, sometimes it happens right away. 

One of our Parkbench Business Advisors recently shared this win in our clients-only Facebook group.

Let’s hear from her.

Happy Thursday Local Leaders! 

I want to share a bit of encouragement with you all…

Our Local Leader in Hendersonville TN Marisa Robinson just gained a new client from her 4th interview! 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marisa Robinson over the last month. She joined Parkbench as she just moved to her area in 2018 and really wanted to get to know her neighbours. 

Marisa reached out to a unique business – Carnival Foods and More and met with the owner Jamie Browning for an interview. They discovered during the interview that they both share a big love for music and are musicians! Such an awesome personal connection.

Marisa asked one of my favourite questions – “What are your goals for over the next year?” and Jamie responded with “my goal is to expand and open up a better location. I would love to be on Broadway because I know that place is always hopping.”

As Marisa was leaving the business she asked Jamie if he had an agent, and he said no. BINGO! Marisa said she would be happy to help him find the perfect location to expand his business and they have already begun their search! Great job Marisa Robinson!”

When you simply follow the process, exciting things happen.

Asking future-facing questions is a great way to allow your interviewees to open up about their goals. Often, these are either personal home goals or business goals. Because you’ve just contributed to their business, they will naturally want to work with you. 

If you’re looking to grow your commercial or residential real estate business, choose Parkbench. We’ll help you grow your sphere and have the right conversations. Give back to your community, meet new people, and your business will thank you for it. 

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