“My only regret with Parkbench is that I didn’t sign on earlier!”

Some Real Estate Agents who get started with Parkbench just get it from day one. These are agents who are natural connectors, who naturally want to help those around them. Being a community-focused agent is simply how they’ve framed their business already. Parkbench can then help to elevate their brand and make it even easier for them to connect with their communities. 

Meet Sarah Huard.

Sarah is the Local Leader in Barrington, Rhode Island, and is that exact kind of agent. She describes herself in a recent self-interview. “I am fueled daily by the desire to make a difference in the lives of all those around me. A focus that is universal and all-encompassing and innate. It’s a focus on helping others. Real Estate is the perfect conduit to do just that. To be highly engaged throughout RI in a profession that is built on my role in advocating, guiding, and championing others truly is a gift. I simply love what I do and whom I do it for and give my ALL and then some to each and every client!”

She hit the ground running with Parkbench and has built some really amazing connections. Click the photos through this article to check out some of her videos. Recently she left a review of her experience with Parkbench so far.

Let’s hear from her.

“I am simply loving being a local leader here in Barrington, RI. I view it as such an honour and am deriving daily joy via my involvement with this amazing platform and “movement.” This Parkbench mission is one that aligns remarkably well with mine which is one of “making better happen” daily. That mindset is what frames my every day and utilizing my Parbench Barrington site as a conduit for that objective is so genuine and rewarding! 

It has been very well received by the small business owners, neighbors and by those involved in small business promotion here in the East Bay Area of Barrington. My only regret with Parkbench is that I didn’t sign on earlier!! I love all the tools given to us to improve upon our content. I feel like I am just scratching the surface with all that this platform can do! 

Learning and improving as a local leader here in Barrington, RI, I can’t wait to continue to grow! Thank you for the incredible client support I have received so far! Can’t wait to see the level to which I can elevate my site AND my town via my small business support Thank you Parkbench!”

Are you “making better happen” daily?

Sarah is yet another example of successful local leaders who lead with heart, and others can feel it. Are you looking for a way to grow your business that feels truly authentic? Do you need an avenue to build your referral network by building true connections? Parkbench is the number one way to do this, click here to find out how