The Importance of Community Connections with Neil Beyer

If I asked a room full of Real Estate Agents if community focus is a pillar in their business, I’m sure most of them would say yes. Being connected to your community is a surefire way to be the most-recommended agent. BUT… knowing people in your area isn’t enough. What are you doing FOR your community members to serve them?

Neil Beyer, Real Estate Agent with Elephas Real Estate Group brokered by eXp, is letting his actions speak for him. In a recent interview, he talks about why he’s finding value with Parkbench. AND why he’s having so much fun.

Let’s hear from him.

“Not only am I interviewing business entrepreneurs, leaders, and owners, but also nonprofit leaders, educators, and healthcare professionals. I’m just trying to spotlight the people in our community that are doing amazing things, whether it be business-wise or nonprofit-wise. I’m a REALTOR®, obviously, that’s what I do for a living. But for me, how can I get involved in the community? How can I provide value to the community in ways that align with my passions and my interests so that I can attract people who have similar interests and passions to do business with me? Those are the things that I am really passionate about, aside from real estate. Providing value to the community.”

There are a lot of real estate agents that say they are community-focused and say that community is an important pillar in their business. But are you really proving it? You’re can’t just focus on connecting to the community because it’s good for you. People can tell right away if you’re doing this for the wrong reasons. 

Neil goes on to share one of his favourite parts of interviewing local businesses with Parkbench.

“And most importantly, it’s been so much fun. It’s been so much fun just to get engaged and meet people and learn from people. To learn about their challenges and their successes and to grow off that personally. 

There is another valuable thing about Parkbench that I think was kind of unplanned. Obviously, I’m interviewing these professionals to provide value to them and spotlight their business, but also to promote myself as someone who is well known in the community. But one of the greatest benefits I’ve received through it is learning from the people that I interview. Gaining the knowledge, the passion, feeling their passion and then absorbing it and putting it towards my business. It’s been an unexpected positive.”

There are so many benefits that come out of these conversations. We all know that anyone can Google and find a company’s website. BUT as Neil mentioned, to get the essence of who they are as people is what the Parkbench process is about. If you’re looking for a way to get to know your neighbors on a deeper level, we can help. And your relationship and referral business will reap the rewards.

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