Are You Intentionally Growing Your Database?

As a Real Estate Agent, it’s important to meet new people. The larger the database you have, the more reach you’ll have in your community. Having a large sphere of influence will lead to a strong referral business. BUT how do you meet new people? AND how do you ensure these relationships will leave to Real Estate referrals?

There are loads of ways to prospect.

You could make cold calls, you could door knock in your neighbourhood. BUT if you’re anything like our Local Leaders, that isn’t your favourite option. Your time is valuable. You want to ensure that you’re spending it on the right actions to give you the best return.

If you’re looking for a way to meet people that feels more genuine, read on…

When Shane got started with Parkbench, he needed to grow his database. He was looking for a way to prospect that felt authentic to him. Parkbench gives you all the tools and scripting you need to meet new people. AND the interview process lays a strong foundation for a solid connection.

He recently left us this review, let’s hear from him. 

“They have been a great facilitator of all things community! They have been very insightful and helpful in finding a good place to prospect. Not only this they have a comprehensive support team always there to help! I have been able to meet local business owners and just community members, growing my database from each new person I meet!”

If you’re struggling to expand your sphere, we can help. 

Our amazing coaching and support team will teach you everything you need to know to be successful. From who to connect with to how to nurture those relationships, we’ve got you covered. Click here to book in a quick chat with our team to find out more.