Parkbench – “Being Different is Far Better Than Being Better.”

When Real Estate Agents choose to get started with Parkbench, there are many motives. There are many challenges that we help agents with. Some need a way to meet new people and get out of their comfort zone. Some are building a new career in the industry and need a way to make a name for themselves. Occasionally, we’ll see agents who have been doing Real Estate for a while, but they realize they need to do something different.

As more and more agents flood into the Real Estate industry, differentiation is key. Local Leader Jim Crawford in Pottstown, PA knew this from his past sales background. This quote is from our recent bestseller, Becoming a Local Leader, where he speaks to this. 

Let’s hear from him.

“Working in the Real Estate business has certainly opened my world to opportunity and abundance, however, my philosophy is more about being of service. My sales background taught me that being different is far better than being better. Work takes on a whole new level of purpose as one creates space between the solely transactional agent to the one who offers service first. “

If you’re focused on getting better at doing the same things everyone else is doing, it’s hard to cut through the noise. If you focus on growing your business in an innovative way, people notice. Choosing to grow your business through serving your community makes sense to our Local Leaders. BUT… it’s outside the norm. It’s a different choice, with the potential for massive results.

If you’re feeling stuck focusing on getting better at the same strategies that aren’t working, maybe it’s time to do something different. Parkbench will show you how you can become the most recommended agent in your community. We’ve also got a money-back guarantee in place to ensure you’re successful. What do you have to lose? Click here to find out how we can help

This quote from our recent book, Becoming a Local Leader. Find the links to get your copy on Amazon by clicking here.