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Parkbench’s Many Benefits for Real Estate Agents

After four years as a Parkbench Local Leader in North Vancouver, Real Estate Agent Pat Love reflects upon what has changed. How has her business grown through Parkbench? One of the amazing things about this platform is how multi-faceted it is. Pat describes this more in the review she left us. 

Let’s hear from Pat.

“My experience with Parkbench is 4 years in the making. I joined with the express purpose to build my real estate database through relationships. Parkbench has more than delivered with their platform.

I now have many more quality relationships because of this. I have received referrals to listings, direct business from the connection, Parkbench realtor to Parkbench realtor referrals (which was an unexpected benefit). Plus, it has provided a community connection that is invaluable.

Before Parkbench I detested prospecting (not good for a realtor) now, I really enjoy it using the Parkbench Platform. They have excellent support, training and a wonderful community of like-minded realtors to connect with too.”

When Pat talks about the relationships she’s built through Parkbench, the number continues to climb every month. Even amidst the pandemic, Pat used Zoom to connect with more local businesses than ever before. She is more connected than ever with the community of North Vancouver. In return, she is getting Real Estate leads and clients from her interviews.

The other unexpected benefit she mentioned is realtor-to-realtor referrals. Being a Parkbench Local Leader gives you access to an exclusive group of like-minded, community-focused Real Estate Agents. Pat has reaped the rewards of these connections as well. 

Finally, to top it all off, she brings up the coaching and support. We pride ourselves on going over and above to help our clients excel. Pat is a great example of a Local Leader who truly cares about giving back to her community

Do you hate prospecting? Are you tired of cold calling and door knocking?

You heard it from Pat, she hated prospecting prior to Parkbench. She rarely prospected and her database wasn’t growing. Deciding to get started with Parkbench was the best move for her business, and her 4-year tenure proves that she’s seen success over and over.

If this has resonated with you and it’s time for you to take action and pick a new route, let’s book a call. Click here to find out more about how to become the most recommended Real Estate Agent in your community!