Parkbench, “It changed my life because I let it.”

One quick Google search and you’ll see loads of five-star reviews about Parkbench. It’s no secret that there are Real Estate Agents all across Canada and the US using Parkbench to connect with their community. To grow their sphere of influence and gain more referrals. Don’t believe me? 

Hear it from them. 

We recently had a new Local Leader post in our clients-only Facebook group saying, “Hello! I just joined Parkbench today. Please tell me it’s as awesome as everyone says!

The comments poured in from other Local Leaders who’ve seen great success with the platform. 

Chip Barkel writes, “Even more”. Chip not only got a lead from his first interviewee, but she turned into a true referral ambassador for his business. One new connection from a brief interview meeting has turned into loads of business, AND a dear friendship.

Michael Milano writes, “It’s better than that!”. Michael and his teammate Nick McNaboe are making huge waves in Marin County, CA. They have mentioned before that Parkbench is ‘worth every penny’ as they see the leads roll in.  

John Wood writes, “It’s a great piece of leverage no matter what stage of your career you are in!”. As a newer agent in Senoia, GA, John is using Parkbench to truly make a name for himself as a community leader. He got 2 clients from his first interview AND has now engrained himself into big local events.

Finally we have Pat Love who writes, “It changed my life because I let it.” 

Let that sink in.

Pat has been the Local Leader in North Vancouver, BC for almost 5 years, and she’s mentioned before that half her business comes from Parkbench. It didn’t just change her business, it’s changed her life. It’s been incredible to see the amazing connections she’s building, and see her business truly take off.

If you’re not absolutely crushing your Real Estate business right now, Parkbench can take you to the next level. We will help you grow your sphere, increase your referrals, and change your life. Click here to find out how.