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How Our Concierge Team is Helping REALTORS® Grow Their Database

When Local Leaders get started with Parkbench, there are a few different skills we help to perfect. Learning how to book interviews and have conversations with small businesses is important. Often clients need help getting comfortable on camera. Also, they need to learn how to conduct a good interview. Then, there’s the SEO side of posting the videos and sharing them across social media to ensure a solid reach. Add on video editing and blog writing, and it can be a full plate to grow your database.

Throughout the evolution of the Parkbench platform, we are continually adapting to the challenges our clients face. The goal is to have more Real Estate Agents choosing to grow their business by giving back to their community. We want our Local Leaders to spend the majority of their time in conversations with their community, and obviously working with Real Estate buyers and sellers! Limiting the amount of time spent learning some of the more technical sides of things can be really helpful. 

This is where the Parkbench Concierge Team comes in.

In this recent message from Local Leader Tracy Walsh, she thanks one of our Concierge team members, Alicia. Tracy alludes to the challenges and headaches she was facing with her interviews, and how we helped her overcome that. (Great work, Alicia!) It’s amazing that not only has Tracy seen the value in these services, but she has reinvigorated her love for the interview process. The more you enjoy something, the more you’ll stick with it. Now, Tracy is free to continue to grow her database with authentic relationships without the headaches of editing!

Is the technical side of things holding you back from getting started?

Have you been meaning to find a way to break into your community but don’t know where to start? Parkbench is the easiest way to build real relationships with local professionals. If you need help booking interviews, editing them, or sharing them on social media, we’ve got you covered. Click here to find out more about how to get started.