“This company is completely different from anything I have experienced.”

Getting started with a new marketing strategy can be risky. As a Real Estate Agent, you’re likely inundated with pitches from different companies. From lead generation companies to social media strategies, the options are endless. It can be tough to figure out where to invest your marketing dollars.

Check out this five-star review from one of our Local Leaders, Dahna Rowe. She shares why Parkbench is different, and why she’s having such a great experience. 

Let’s hear from her.

“I’ve had nothing but an incredible experience with Parkbench. I was very hesitant to embark on a new journey with another marketing company. This company is completely different from anything I have experienced. I have been absolutely blown away. They explain their platform thoroughly, and answered all of my questions flawlessly. The coaching offered is uplifting, informative, and encouraging. Anytime I reach out to anyone on the Parkbench staff, I am immediately recognized and my questions are answered. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this company.”

This review speaks to how much more Parkbench is than just a platform. We’re not just a marketing strategy. We are different from anything you’ve experienced before. Relationship and referral business needs to be a massive focus as an agent. Parkbench makes it easy to grow your sphere of influence. To build relationships with local professionals to increase your referrals. BUT… then you also get access to our coaching and support team.

This isn’t the first review that’s mentioned how great our coaching and support are.

We pride ourselves on being responsive, informative, and friendly in all of our client interactions. It’s not just about signing you up and leaving you to figure it out on your own. It starts with being onboarded in a one on one setting. You then have access to an entire library of coaching resources. Your Business Advisor will reach out to book one on one accountability and strategy calls. AND you have full access to a tech and support team along with an extensive help centre. 

If you’re looking to try something different for your business, choose Parkbench. We’ll help you take your business to the next level, click here to find out how.