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Real Estate Agents: Do You Know Everyone?

If you’re striving to be the most recommended Real Estate Agent in your market, you need to truly be a resource. How valuable is having a relationship with you? When you grow your network with local professionals, you’ll start to notice people coming to you for advice.

Pat Love is a great example of this. As the Local Leader in North Vancouver, she’s been working on growing her database with Parkbench for the last 4 years. As she connected with more and more locals, people started to notice.

Check out this clip below.

Pat seemingly knows everyone. She laughs at this idea, but it’s becoming more and more of a reality. If someone reached out to her today looking for a chiropractor, an organizer, a photographer… she’s got someone to recommend. She mentioned that she’s not only the go-to Real Estate Agent but also the “guru of handing out who does what”. She can use this as a way to get more meetings, as she says, “you want to bond with me because people come to me.” AND she has the social proof to back it up on her Parkbench community website.

We all know that when someone is choosing an agent, they go with someone they know, like, and trust. When you have a large network of professionals to refer to, it shows how connected you are to the community. When you can consistently refer your sphere to other professionals, those professionals will naturally want to refer people back to you. 

Parkbench makes it easy to build relationships with new people.

By connecting from a point of contribution, you’re laying a strong foundation. We’ll also help keep you top of mind with our automated weekly newsletter that goes out to all your interviewees. If you’re like Pat and need help ticking off some of those boxes, choose Parkbench. Want to become the most recommended agent in your area? Click here to find out how.