Are You Actually Enjoying Your Work as a Real Estate Agent?

We all know the Real Estate industry can be intense. With loads of competition and low inventory across the country, it can get heavy. Yes, it’s important to make sure your business is growing and you’re making money. BUT it’s just as important to be enjoying your work!

When you’re not enjoying your work, it’s easy for more challenging tasks to drop off your list. We’ve noticed that something that’s commonly skipped is prospecting time. When agents hear prospecting, their mind usually goes to cold calling and door-knocking. We all know how exciting those options are… 

Here at Parkbench, we view the industry differently.

We know that if our Local Leaders are having fun while prospecting, they’ll do more of it. More time prospecting means more contacts added to your database. And what happens when your database grows? You’ll get more referrals!

So, how do we make it fun? Say goodbye to cold calling and door-knocking. Instead, our system makes it easy for you to connect with local businesses and professionals in your area. We give you the scripts and the coaching to make it easy. If you’re a natural people person, this is a really fun way to grow your sphere of influence. Turning prospecting time into a positive and enjoyable experience will make it easy to keep it in your schedule. 

We recently got a 5-star review from Local Leader Ellen Meador who speaks to this.

Are you looking to have more fun AND increase your profits?

Parkbench is the solution you’ve been looking for. We only partner with one Real Estate Agent per area. Reach out to us today to see if your area is available by clicking here!