Parkbench, “It’s Helped me Grow as a Person.”

Growth. As Real Estate Agents, it’s an important marker for success. How are you growing as an agent? Maybe you listen to podcasts to stay up to date on what’s happening in the industry. People will often gravitate towards books about sales tactics. There are also courses and webinars to help you understand new trends and stay up to date. But what about growing as a person?

There are a lot of resources available when it comes to improving your knowledge and expertise, but what about soft skills? People skills, communication skills, confidence. Most brokerages will teach you how to be a great agent, but who is helping you grow personally?

Enter Parkbench.

We love seeing reviews that really speak to how Parkbench is impacting someone’s life. We recently got this great review from Kristina D, Local Leader in Easton, MA. “Everyone at Parkbench has been great, always checking in with me to make sure I’m happy. I’ve been able to interview people I normally won’t and it’s helped me grow as a person, which I think is very important! Cristina, Jessie, Ryan, and Shion, thank you for everything! Anytime I have a question about something, someone is always there to answer it!” 

Here at Parkbench, it’s not just about teaching people how to do videos or how to interact with their communities. We teach people how to grow their confidence, how to get out of their own way. Often, to become better in your work, you need to focus on becoming better as a whole and things fall into place. When Kristina got started with Parkbench she was nervous. Parkbench help her accountable to get out and start connecting with her community and she’s seeing how it’s impacting her business. 

She was struggling with booking interviews, we’ve helped her with this. Editing was a stressful situation, she could also come to us for this. All she has to focus on is building a relationship with the person in front of her. Outside of our one on one coaching, we offer 5 hours of live coaching a day to help our Local Leaders stand out against the rest.

Do you need to focus on growth?

Parkbench will help you grow your database, grow your sphere of influence. In turn, you’ll grow your referral network and grow as a person.