How Parkbench Helps Multiple Areas of Your Real Estate Business

When someone asks what Parkbench is all about, the simple answer is relationships. We make it easy for Real Estate Agents to connect with local professionals. In turn, growing these relationships will mean growing your referral business. BUT, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We recently had a review from Local Leader Deidre Omahen in Ponte Vedra, Florida. She’s been with Parkbench for 7 months now and shares why she highly recommends it. Click the image below to check out her site.

Let’s hear from her.

“I’ve been a Parkbench customer for about 7 months so far, I love how professional my website looks and I get compliments on it all the time. The coaching and help available are great, I feel like they truly want to help us succeed (Jessie is amazing!). Thanks to Parkbench I’ve grown my mailing list, met potential Real Estate clients, and have become more known in my community. My favourite part is interviewing. I’ve met so many cool people and learned so much about the community. It’s rewarding to be able to feature non-profits also. Highly recommend it!”

Meeting potential clients through the interview process is definitely the bread and butter of our system. But as you’ve read, there are a lot of other amazing features that will help your business overall.

What more do we offer?

We build you a professional-looking website and fill it with local content. This gives you an easy resource to share with your community, a hub of information. This is a simple way for you to differentiate yourself from other local agents who may not be giving back to the community in the same way you are. 

Our coaching and support team are here to help in every step of the process. However, our coaching isn’t just focused on how to get better at Parkbench. We look at our Local Leader’s business as a whole and see how we can help across the board. Growing a solid database, as Dee mentions above, is an integral step in creating longevity in your business. 

The reputation that comes from this entire system is truly an asset. Dee mentioned becoming more known in her area. If you’re looking to become the most recommended agent in your area, you need to know everyone. But knowing everyone’s name isn’t the end of it. Parkbench shows you how to build real relationships with these community members from a point of contribution. This allows you to build memorable and lasting relationships that will pay off in referral in the long term.

Last but not least, it’s FUN! If you check out Dee’s first interview and her most recent one, you can see how much more confident she’s gotten on camera. We help agents get comfortable on screen and we can help you too. 

What are you waiting for?

If Dee’s words resonated with you, it’s worth a conversation. If this sounds like the solution you’re looking for, click here to find out more